My Dream

I was in the middle of nowhere.. I was lost. It was pitch black and the only thing around was air filled with nothing. The thing was i wasn’t afraid at all. There was just something in me telling me that i shouldn’t be because someone was near. I was running endlessly towards something or someone that i wasn’t even sure was there. Right when i was sure i was about to give up there was a faint voice of a woman. I didn’t know who the voice belonged to put i felt this undeniable pull towards it. 

So i ran as fast as my feet would take me with a newly found strength within me. Soon the voice became more clear and that’s when i was sure this voice was trying to guide me.

I was still running trying to find the voice but i was losing power and i tripped and fell. I couldn’t find her and that’s when i felt like id let her down. I started silently crying then suddenly a hand touched me . I looked up and blinked through the tears to see it was my mom. …. Then i woke up in tears  


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