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Technologie’s Future!

I think that in the future technology will be so advanced that everything we thought was impossible will happen. I think we’ll have flying cars. I think someone will create a pen that writes for you. We live in a world where technology is the newest thing and its evolving. Pretty soon we will live in a word where EVERYTHING is technology based.



“How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear?Would your life be better or worse than it is now? “

I suppose it’ll be different because I’d be more spontaneous ,but I’d also be less careful. It’s good to be spontaneous and want to try new things and go beyond your limit.

On the other side its not good to have your guard down because you never really know what may happen.

My Dream

I was in the middle of nowhere.. I was lost. It was pitch black and the only thing around was air filled with nothing. The thing was i wasn’t afraid at all. There was just something in me telling me that i shouldn’t be because someone was near. I was running endlessly towards something or someone that i wasn’t even sure was there. Right when i was sure i was about to give up there was a faint voice of a woman. I didn’t know who the voice belonged to put i felt this undeniable pull towards it. 

So i ran as fast as my feet would take me with a newly found strength within me. Soon the voice became more clear and that’s when i was sure this voice was trying to guide me.

I was still running trying to find the voice but i was losing power and i tripped and fell. I couldn’t find her and that’s when i felt like id let her down. I started silently crying then suddenly a hand touched me . I looked up and blinked through the tears to see it was my mom. …. Then i woke up in tears  

Why I Write…

why-i-writeI write to speak what i can’t say

I write to cope with realities wicked ways

For all my thoughts are written in cryptic code that couldn’t be solved by even Da Vinci’s hardest mode

I’m a mess and Im not the slightest ashamed to admit that… I’m actually very proud of that. So i write to put my imperfect thoughts into perspective